Anti-Reflective lenses
Special anti-reflective coatings are now available for spectacle lenses, much like those used for camera lenses. These coatings are particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue when on the computer, reading, or driving at night. However, only the latest ones also are Scratch resistant, static resistant, and smudge resistant. Of course, AR lenses enhance appearance by removing all distracting reflections.

Polycarbonate lenses
Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses available and are always the lens of choice for young people and active patients. They are very protective and are usually required for Sports and Safety eyeglasses. Polycarbonate absorbs all harmful UV (ultraviolet) light. They are considered high index lenses and are usually the lightest and most comfortable. This material is thinner than regular plastic (although not the thinnest material.)

Thin Lenses
There are many thin lenses. They are ranked by the number of their indicies, the higher the number the thinner the lens. To give you and idea, regular plastic is 1.49, and polycarbonate is 1.59 index. There are lenses that are 1.67, 1.70, and even 1.74!! All of these lenses are UV (ultraviolet) protective!!

Progressive Lenses
There are many Progressive (no line) lenses on the 'market' nowadays. However, a great deal of them are extremely difficult to use and even more difficult to wear. It is important to make sure you purchase a progressive meant for computer wear, even if you aren't a 'computer' person. Lenses meant for computer wear are some of the better designs and will make the 'visual field' easier to adapt to. It is also important to get a Progressive lens that will work with the frame that you pick out. Many Opticals will tell you that a progressive won't work in small frames. This is not true, as there are a number of Manufacturers that have designed their lenses just for this very purpose. Any quality Optical will be able to instruct you as to which Progressive lenses are designed for this purpose. There are many lens brands and many lens designs----no one brand is best for all frames OR prescriptions. Progressive lenses should be purchased from a trained qualified Optician that is familiar with all the brands and can help you choose which one is best for you!!

Polarized Sun lenses
These lenses are the best Sun lenses at eliminating reflective glare. They are especially effective for drivers, fishermen, hunters, golfers, and all types of outdoor sports. Many of us have suffered when driving and looking directly into the sun. The glare from the hood of the car and windshield are debilitating. Polarized sun lenses eliminate this reflective glare as well as the glare during a hazy day. They are great for the beach! When you purchase sunglasses, ask to see the Polarized sun lens display so you can see the difference between regular sun lenses and Polarized ones!!