In-Store Processing

At Custom Eyes Optical we have an In-Store Lab.
We don’t have to send your eyeglasses away to be made. We also don’t have other manufacturers make your eyeglasses. Therefore, we actually know about the lenses and your prescription, before we order it. We have to, because we need this knowledge in order to make your eyeglasses for you.

We are familiar with all the varieties of products, so we can tell if you get the right product for your eyeglasses and the right product for your prescription. We aren't just 'order takers' like other Optical centers. You can ask us anything about your prescription, how it compares to your old prescription, how new products will help you, and how your eyeglasses will be made!!! AND---since we make your eyeglasses HERE, you can use your Own Frame!!!! You can even get just one lens if you want!!!! At most places, you will have to give up your eyeglasses OR they will tell you that your current frames can’t be used. That's because they have to send them away to be made!!!! Here, at Custom Eyes Optical, we don’t do that. We make them onsite!!

Custom Crafted on the premises---by Fred Havelock (custom crafting eyeglasses since 1974!)