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Doctor’s Eyeglass Pricing

High Pricing for Eyeglasses at your Doctor’s Optical shop is a common occurrence. They also often recommend products that aren’t needed.
Yes, I know this sounds impossible, but it’s done on a Daily basis. We see many Prescriptions written for Childrens’ Progressive lenses that aren’t needed. Often, this is only to get a Higher price for Eyeglasses they hope to sell.
For Adults, we often see Customers that are told to get Progressive lenses even though there is NO or little Distance Prescription! Certainly, just Reading glasses would suffice for many not using a Computer.
As well, Sports eyeglasses in Non Prescription(or very little prescription) are often recommended.
Remember, Doctors are PEOPLE just like the rest of us. There are those that just want to make an extra dollar.
So, ask around. Get a second opinion before buying those Expensive Eyeglasses at your Doctor’s Optical Store.