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Where to Buy Eyeglasses and Contacts

It’s Very important to purchase Eyewear and Contacts from a Reputable Optical establishment. With all the Online sites that sell Contacts and eyeglass frames, remember “Buyer be Ware!!”

Contact lenses are Temperature sensitive!!! Excessive Heat can alter the wearing time and comfort of the lenses! Many reputable Optical locations offer FREE care kits and will also supply you with a Professional Sample of lenses the day of your order!!

Eyeglasses are always Custom Made–there are a number of measurements that are needed in order to make Your Eyeglasses correctly. So, how long has the sales person been doing their job??? Have they been CERTIFIED?? Are they Licensed(required in some states.) Progressive lenses and Bifocals need special measurements——-many people having difficulty with Invisible Bifocals are the Direct Result of improper measurements!!!

Keep in mind the following;

Does the place Accept your Vision Plan(do they really know how your plan works.)

How long has the person helping you been doing their job–how much training have they had. After all, they will be determining if the Eyewear is right for your Prescription AND how your Eyeglasses will be made.

Do they offer all products, all brands of lenses, and all Progressive lens styles? One of the best tests you can do is to ask them(if you are new to their location) what brand of lenses your Invisibles are. Any reputable Optical should be able to determine what Brand/Manufacturer you are wearing.

Lastly, where are your Eyeglasses being made?? At Custom Eyes Optical, all eyewear are made right in the Store!!! Some places are just Order takers—like Carpet Stores(they send the order away to be made)

Remember—You Get what you Pay For!!!