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Dont be a HOSTAGE to your Doctor’s Optical Store!! Ask your Doctor for a copy of your prescription!! If you go to a ‘specialist’ for your Eye Exam, then come to the Specialists for Eye-wear and Contacts! Custom crafting Eyeglasses and fitting Contact lenses since 1974. Use Your OWN frames without giving them UP!! At Custom Eyes Optical — we make your eyeglasses right here at the store!! We are the only optical store in the area that does this. AND we offer it as a FREE service to all our customers!! So, you can save money by just ordering lenses, and have them put into your own frame. We will order your lenses and call you when they come in. Then we will ‘custom cut’ them to precisely fit into your OWN eyeglasses. This way you won’t have to give them up for 2 weeks like at all other stores!!! It will also save you money because you won’t have to purchase a new frame!!

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We specialize in difficult prescriptions and KIDS eyewear.

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I’ve been going to Custom Eyes Optical for years. Fred and Susie are both delightful, Susie’s got a great eye for helping me choose fashionable frames and–even more importantly, Fred takes tremendous care in engineering my lenses. My eyes are very sensitive and even if the prescription is only “off” a little bit–but still within a typically acceptable margin of error–I can sense a problem. Fred gets it right…..every time. You won’t catch me going anywhere else to get a pair of glasses.


Best Eyeglass place!!

A friend recommended it. Didn’t even know they were there—in Reisterstown in the shopping center across from Franklin High. They are so nice there—thought the old place I went to was just how it was done(but here is different.) The sales girl there really knew her stuff! They helped me with looking at the frames. The glasses were great—didn’t have to take them back like I did at my old place. They even told me that they match 1800 Contact pricing!!! They price was better than I thought (my friend told me his was good too.)



Competent and Professional

Fred Havelock, the owner of Custom Eyes Optical, is amazing. When I first met Fred he worked for a competitor and fitted me for glasses; he has since fitted me for contact lenses as well. I’ve followed Fred for over 20 years now; even came back to him when I lived out of the state of Maryland. I’ve changed eye doctor’s but I’ve never gone to anyone else since meeting Fred for my glasses or contacts. Fred’s level of competency, professionalism, and honesty has never served me wrong. I trust his judgment and would recommend him to anyone. A smart consumer doesn’t walk away from this kind of service.

Hans C

Best Eyeware Find in the Area

Great service with high style and unique frames. Every type of lenses. The knowledge and service made me feel very secure in my purchase. They actually requested I come back in a week to have my eyeglasses checked for fit. Ma and Pa store, but a great find. Worth the drive from anywhere. Kids frames too!